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Serving Central IL Residents for More Than 30 Years

If you have been the victim of an “accident” you should not be a victim a second time. Action must be taken to protect and help you. The responsible person's or employer's insurance company will not look out for you, and you should not face this situation alone.

We can make a difference. Personal service, experience and hard work matter. We take pride in what we accomplish on behalf of our clients, and we can guide you and your case. At no charge we will meet with you, answer your questions, discuss your injuries and medical care and talk about what needs to be done to help you and prepare your case. We have represented injury victims for over 30 years. We make a difference.

What we can do for you:

  1. Immediately meet with you and answer your questions.
  2. Investigate the incident. It may have been negligence rather than an "accident."
  3. Contact and protect you from the responsible person's representative, likely an insurance adjuster or attorney.
  4. Assemble the medical bills and provide guidance on payment.
  5. Gather the applicable medical evidence including medical records and test results.
  6. Prepare your case from the very beginning so that the responsible party's insurance company understands the significance of your claim and ultimately, if necessary a jury appreciates your case.


Over the years Mark Wertz has been instrumental toward helping me win several difficult cases. Mark is trustworthy, intelligent and knowledgeable. Mark gets it done! He has been a winner for me. I wholeheartedly recommend Mark Wertz without reservation.

- Wes

Mark has been the rock that I couldn't have done this without. Mark has always been there. He has put in the extra hours, he has always been there to answer my continued repeat questions of what do we do now, how do we do this, or how can I get meds, you know, everything.

- Kelly